The Graces, book by Thomas Holm. 192 pages Hardcover

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Imagine a world
where clothes and self-consciousness aren't needed. Where beautiful women, with curvaceous figures, are enriching some of the most beautiful places completely nude, and simply are at ease with themselves in perfect harmony with the environment. It seems Thomas Holm has discovered, or more accurately created, his own version of paradise in the amazing Danish landscape where this beautiful monograph has almost exclusively been photographed.
Thomas Holm does not only have a vision and a distinct style. While the subjects in this book are completely nude - not one single piece of clothing is used in any image - the images don't really focus on nudity. The images are sensual and tender, more than sexual. Via his exquisite lighting control, exceptional composition, and rare skills at model direction these photographs become more than just images. They appear real and present like forgotten memories or fantasies of how a perfect world could be, a world without original sin. 

192 pages 31,5x23 cm, Hardcover. 

The Graces book preview: from Thomas Holm on Vimeo.

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