About Thomas

I'm Thomas Holm, former advertising photographer turned artist. I used to shoot commercial jobs and Ad-campaigns back in the day, some of which has aired in all of North America, some in Europe, and even one in Asia.

In the end I moved on from commercial photography. I lost the desire to shoot to sell stuff, and these days I prefer to make images that evoke emotion and touch people in a deeper way. As a dayjob I turned to color management and consulting and I now help companies on how to optimize workflows and get color right and control quality on everything from magazines, offset, flexo-printing, largeformat sand some others etc.

Photography now is my (somewhat expensive) hobby and this site is simply my way of trying to balance cost and being able to afford to keep doing do what I love to do: shoot beautiful imagery. 

Every cent you spend on  this site help cover the cost of creating even more beautiful content which I share freely on social media and websites.

The boring company stuff : The company name is Pixl Aps , was founded in 1999 as a limited company and I, Thomas Holm, own and run it and I personally create all fine art prints etc.

Pixl Aps

Filmtorvet 68

DK-3500 Værløse


Email: store@pixl.dk

Phone: +45 3296 9014

PS. I don't look as scary in real life:
If you think I look like Billy The Kid on a wanted posted you are not far off. The image is a Wetplate collodion, an old photographic technique that was invented in 1851 and thrived until 1880. The image was shot by my friend Michael Tonsberg on a 4x5" camera directly onto a coated aluminum plate, and was exposed for 18 seconds. 

Which makes it quite hard to smile.

You can find my social medias here.