Art-Nude Studio lighting - with one lamp

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If you want to learn how to light the human body simply and beautifully, this is for you.

It's straightforward to set up pretty light on a model once you understand how light works. 

I've spent 15 years photographing advertising campaigns and commercial images, and I have created around 50.000 images (not exposures but individual photos), most of which use artificial lighting in some capacity.

And much of that understanding and knowledge I will pass on to you, right here and right now.

Invest in this, and In less than two hours from now, you will know pretty much everything you need to create a beautiful light on a model with just one lamp.

The principles of lighting a model are a lot like learning math (it's just easier to understand regardless of your current level).

Once you understand the principles, you can apply them everywhere. 

All the methods I show you are using just one single lamp. And it makes no difference whether you use Flash, Halogen, LED, HMI, or a work lamp from home depot. You don't need to have all sorts of light modifiers to benefit from this.

And I'm not sponsored by anyone or trying to get you to invest in all sorts of expensive kit, quite the opposite:

I propose you to invest in your knowledge instead of things you don't need.

I'm focusing on using simple, portable, and cheap modifiers, but I'll also show you about 15 different light modifiers used in a comparable scenario.


But the real gold in this is to learn how light works:

  • How you should position the light in relation to a body and face.
  • How close the light should be to the model.
  • How to (and how not to) use reflectors (see video above)
  • How to create stunning images in small spaces.
  • How to diffuse and soften the light.
  • How to use Flags and V-Flats

And many other things.

Check out a short sequence from the video here


Although this is a professionally produced video tutorial, the focus here is not on making a slick production or filling up hour after hour with all sorts of irrelevant content:

It's about teaching you how light works, showing you how to get from nothing to near perfect in the easiest possible way, with the least amount of equipment, and how to create repeatable results. 

Just like my guide to composition, this tutorial is straight to the point and all about teaching you what you need to know in the fastest possible way, without wasting your time.

What you learn here will apply to all model photography you do; 

Not just nude models, and not only in a studio. 

The techniques here will forever change the way you approach light!

It will save you countless hours of work and vastly improve your lighting, much to the admiration of the people who see your images.

The investment in this is less than almost any light modifier on the market. And when watching this, you will realize you need much less equipment and understand exactly what equipment you need. And you will save a lot of money from not buying all sorts of things you don't need.

And last but not least; the benefit from investing in your mind and knowledge will be lifelong.

When downloading this, you will get a PDF document with a link to the video and some good advice on how you will get the most out of it.

This video tutorial is available for streaming on Vimeo, set up with chapters for quick navigation.

You will also receive a two page A3 size printable PDF, with examples of many different light modifiers in a comparable scenario.

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