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Sculptural Art Nudes - LIVESTREAM Workshop; July 11, 2020

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Learn to create beautiful images that command attention, which you proudly can show to the world

The Livestream Workshop
There are 3 essential factors required if you want to create model images that really catches the eye:

  1. The composition must attract the people seeing the image
  2. Lighting should enhance what you are trying to get across
  3. The model's lines and expression must underline the theme 

In this particular workshop, there will be an in-depth presentation on composition, and there will be a special focus on shaping light for different looks with specific focus on sculptural type images. Thomas will also demonstrate working with and directing the model, and finally but fundamentally, how to select the very best and most efficient image from the shoot. 

And then I will edit one image to show you how I refine the lighting and get the most out of the image.

The model at this workshop is Ayla Gadner (below):

The location 
The Livestream workshop is available online worldwide and will be streamed from my 120sqm studio in Copenhagen.

The duration will be approximately 6h, including three pauses.

  • 17.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

  • 3 PM UTC (Universal Time Coordinated)

  • 4 PM BST (British Daylight Time)

  • 8 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight time)

  • 11 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

When signing up this workshop, you get (download) a document with a link to the Livestream, and there you will be able to see the start time in your own timezone if you are in doubt.
And even if you can't participate, the workshop will be recorded so you can always review it.

You will learn Lighting
We'll work with interesting lighting, different ways of modifying light for different emphasis and look that you can easily implement yourself. We will work with light, really work with, and not just set up some standard set. We will be using both available light from the windows, as well as studio light and various modifiers.

We will cover advanced composition including a lot of psychology on how the brain perceives images and thus, how you create images that command you to look at them. And obviously model direction to get the model aligned into the perfect image.

Benefits of this workshop
You will walk away from this workshop knowing a lot more about how to light nude images (which also apply to lingerie and clothing btw.), and you will have a better grasp on how to create images that work emotionally.

A recording of the Livestream workshop will be available for at least three months afterward, so you can watch it, again and again, to pick up on finer points.

Technical stuff
Since my last Livestream, I have upgraded the streaming equipment considerably. I will still use a three-camera + computer setup, but the camera switching is performed on a Blackmagic professional switcher as opposed to the computer.

Likewise, the stream encoding is now independent of the computer on external hardware, so shooting with live view is possible without congestion.

Even if the internet stream should become periodically unstable, the workshop is recorded in full 1080p quality. Afterward, the pristine recording will replace the streamed live event for optimal quality when viewing at a later time.

Since this is a Livestream workshop, all you will need is to be able to access a computer with an internet browser or a tablet with a browser or the Vimeo App.

I use Vimeo as my Livestream platform as there are no restrictions on nudity, so I can conduct the workshop as I do live workshops.