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Composition - a video and PDF tutorial to create fantastic images, [product_type) - Thomas Holm Photography -

Composition - a video and PDF tutorial to create fantastic images

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You recognise a good image when you see it, but do you know how to create one?

Thomas Holm takes you through the process he uses to create captivating images that stop you in your tracks. Thomas uses some very simple techniques and follow a 3 point plan for creating images that will demand that you look at them and engage your brain to actually look at the images.

This digital download document contain a link to a video of just 1 hour, a condensation of all the knowledge Thomas put into creating his stunning images. It is 1 hour packed with knowledge and background information. It contains parts on how our eyes and brain functions in regard to perception and thus how you can manipulate the brain to look and provoke a reaction. An easy to follow guide on exactly how to compose model images and some suggestions on what should play a part on selecting images in the end. And additionally a PDF document with 9 of Thomas' images where he explains exactly how the principles of composition were employed on these particular images, and thu the reason why they work.

 That’s it. If you are willing to invest just 1 hour Thomas Holm can teach you what you need to know to create images that will captivate whoever sees it. Possibly however you would want to see this video more than one time. 

This is a digital download product contains a short overview, and it will link to an online password protected video. You will NOT be able to download this but you will be able to view it as often as you like. In the event of updates you will automatically be notified and can then access any new information automatically.

Be advised there are plenty of tasteful nude images in the video and illustrations so if you are opposed to nudity this is likely not for you. The guide is centered around model photography, but the principles are universal, in regard to composition there are no differences between sports, landscape or weddings or what have we..