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I know you hated the old page design, and so did I, I just did not have the time to do anything about it. But I finally managed to squeeze in some time to revamp the site, make it easier to navigate and find stuff on and voilà here is the new design.

It still not perfect but at least it is useful for Black Friday (I hope).
I'm celebrating with a store wide sale with 1/3 off the price on everything shippable, so please have a look around and see if you like some new decoration for your walls or some inspiration to leaf through.

I know hanging images of nude women cen feel controversial but have a look at this. I asked people to try and explain what they like about my images and here is a couple of excercepts: 

Artistic and pure, empowering and strong. Timeless

Personally, when I first saw your work I thought ''Wow'' he doesn't just take a photo, he creates ART! and every image is an art piece. You take into consideration all elements and factors surrounding the shoot even to the tiniest detail. What I think sets you apart from others it is your intensive attention to details. You don't only pay attention to the technical side of your work, but you allow more room to be inspired by your subject...... from working personally with you. You don't just accept a pose, you polish it..... it could be a tiny shift in body position, little detail correction of the hands or feet or head which is constantly and easily overlooked but you don't miss it.....its almost like you see the final image before pushing the trigger on your camera. You make art not a beautiful picture that's what sets you apart from others and you put your heart and soul into it.

I love your images because they are different and unexpected. They are thought provoking and encourage the viewer to look beyond the surface of what’s easily visible. They all have a sense of mystery to them and are definitely more than just showing a beautiful woman. You have a sense of originality that many others do not have and an artistic vision that is uncommon.

Your work is sensual, raw, poetic. The artistry behind how you shoot the shapes of women..all women is breathtaking combined with your skillful use of light and shadow, contrast and location adds a depth to your work. It's mesmerizing.

Idealistic, empowering, strong, divine and beautiful!

Your work is lyrical and poetic. Your approach is seen through the eyes of an artist painting images with pixels. I love how you use the mapping of the body in such surprising ways that you create textual topographies of the human form. “Bodyscapes” - Your images evoke all kinds of feelings about the fluidity of life. Deeply inspiring work. I suspect it wouldn’t matter what you were photographing- because it will always have a sensual component. You are a sensualist.

The creativity n harmony between models n backgrounds...kinda u look in different side of world n tell us stories of natures, of our relationship to the universe

Your work is more like classic paintings by the old masters, focusing on the shapes of a woman. The image of a beautiful and strong woman and not focusing on the sexual aspect of turning women into objects. Combine that with amazing light orchestrated and in unique environments and poses with strong shadows makes it truly greatness 

The majority of the world views feminine characteristics as weaker or less than masculine ones. Your work for the most part is a statement of the untruth of that view. I also feel like your work divides sensuality from sexuallized.... I love your presence in the world, Thank you for your vision.

He captures and celebrates the female form in a manner that makes you rethink your views on women not as a compliment of men but as a natural and beautiful art form as themselves.

Thomas Holm has a unique eye for the female form. His ability to capture the beauty of the body in relation to nature is extremely original. His ability to make any image sensual is amazing. He knows and understands the light and shadows that are available to him and he uses a rich tableau of the setting and the skin tone of the model to create true art. Thomas Holm also does what is so special, he uses models of all shapes, sizes and colors. This sets him apart from many photographers. His art is universal.

The photographs of Thomas Holm are sensuous. It is almost as if rather than posing his subjects, he inhabits them and feels how they feel. The result is he captures not their image, but their essence.

like you just sneak and take the picture while women empowering themselves.
Strange, but you catch moments when i feel they are a theirs top

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