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Nude body-lighting workshop with Lilith Etch - July 17 2022

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There are three essential factors if you want to create beautiful model images that interest the viewer:

Composition, Lightshaping, and the model's expression.

There will, of course, be an in-depth presentation on composition in this particular workshop. Still, there will be a specific focus on shaping light for different looks, working with the model, and finally, selecting the best image from the session. 

The Model for this workshop is Swedish professional globetrotter model Lilith Etch, a fantastic model. 

We'll work with exciting lighting and different ways of modifying light for different emphasis and look (and I mean work with - not just set up some standard setup).

We will work with both studio lights and daylight from an ordinary window. 

And because of the location of my new studio, weather depending, we might also do an outdoor shoot very close by.

We will cover advanced composition for model images, how you make interesting images, and obviously, model direction to get the perfect shot. And you will be shooting some beautiful photos with Lilith one-on-one.

You will walk away from this workshop knowing more about how to light nude images. You will have a better grasp of creating images that work emotionally.

And you will have some beautiful photos for portfolio use, etc.

You will also receive some hand-outs on lighting and composition etc.

The workshop will occur at "Filmstationen" in Værløse on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

If non-Danish speakers attend the workshop, it will be in English.


• Signing up is final and binding. If there are too few participants two weeks before the workshop, the workshop might be canceled.

 BOOKING CLOSES on July 2nd.