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Location art-nude photography-Duo workshop with Wiana Model and The Endless Sinner: May 20 2023

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Shoot (duo) Art-nudes nudes on Location

The ultimate portfolio-builder workshop

Early Bird Discount 20% off until April 17.

 In this workshop, we will combine two very interesting subjects:

  • Shooting two models simultaneously
  • Shooting nudes on location - both outdoors and indoors.

My studio is located in a film production compound, and we will be able to use some of the sets used at movies, both outdoor and indoor, in this workshop. 

They range from outdoor scenery, a ruin, an abandoned control tower (the last color image was shot there), old wooden sheds, etc.

We will be working with two amazing models WIana and The Endless SInner, who work very well together and are great at solo work. I've shot extensively with both of them.

I will apply all my skills, showing you how to get the best out of the models, to help you create visually eye-catching images that are stylish, sensual, or erotic.
And perhaps with a humorist twist.

None of the models are shy by any stretch of the imagination, but we will try to keep it classy.

I will show you how to take charge and direct the shoot to control what kind of images and quality you will get instead of "just" relying on the model. 

Shooting duo images have a unique set of challenges, and I will be sure to show you how to circumvent those to create amazing images.

The program:
We'll create images ranging from elegant art nudes to images where we use the environment to give a great variety of images for you to bring home.

Other than nude, the models will bring a range of accessories and lingerie to use if we want, and if we decide to it can also be an option to shoot some images involving light bondage/Kinbaki.

We will cover composition, lighting with focus on natural light and how to shape that, posing, and some editing by the end of the day.

To maximize the shooting time on the day, you will get access to an online version of Thomas' presentations on Composition and Lighting to watch beforehand. 

Then on the day, thomas will show you all the theory in practice, live, while creating amazing images.

Thomas will end the day by showing you how to select the best pose from a set in Lightroom and will edit this live to show you how to get the most out of your images

There are 8 available spaces at this workshop

Who is this for, and what do you need:
Your experience level is not essential; Thomas will be on hand all day to help and ensure even beginners get great images.
The only requirement is you own a camera and that the camera can be set to manual exposure. We'll figure out the rest if you need help.

The ideal lens for a full-frame camera will probably be a 24-70mm zoom (APS-C 16-50mm), but if you have prime lenses, that's fine too

May 20, 2022, from 10.00 to approximately 16.30.

The location is Thomas' studio at Filmtorvet 4, 3500 Værløse, and many places in the neighborhood (a large fenced-off compound).

What's included:
The fee covers everything; 
Lunch, drinks, snacks, model fee, pre-workshop access to presentations on composition and lighting, and Tax/Vat.

Signing up is final and binding, but if you can't participate, you can exchange your space with someone else.

In the unlikely event that the workshop will have too few participants 2 weeks before the event, it will be canceled, and your payment will be refunded promptly.