Workshop: Creativity in Photography March 22-24 (UK)

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Workshop: Creativity in photography

  • March 22 evening Meet & Greet
  • March 23 Full-day workshop
  • March 24 Full-day workshop

Basford Hurst Cottage


If you want to split the payment into two portions, please contact, and we'll handle that offline.


This groundbreaking new Thomas Holm Photo workshop, based around creating art-nude photography, is all about creativity:

  • Boosting your own creativity
  • Developing new ideas
  • Finding new creative ways of doing photography
  • Developing a unique style


Technique and craftsmanship are essential, too:

Proficiency in Composition, Lighting, and Model direction is necessary, and we'll certainly cover that extensively throughout the workshop.
In addition, you will receive some online presentations in advance to best utilize time at the workshop.

Consider this:
Rembrandt, Picasso, and Pollock are world-renowned painters. And they undoubtedly were excellent craftsmen.

They are known for their unique vision and artistry, not for their accurate brushstrokes. Their technique is flawless, but the technique is not all what sets them apart.

In Hollywood, Tarantino, Hitchcock, and Spielberg are not known for their beautiful lighting and sharp pictures. They are renowned for their unique way of setting up and telling a story and making you feel something when you watch their vision come to life.

The creative vision

In this two-day workshop, where we will go into fine-tuning YOUR unique vision. 

We'll help you distill who you are and what you want to tell (why you create pictures).

We'll also explore how to become better at evaluating your work and how to curate a quality-conscious mindset.

We'll enable you to find that unique and illustrious, fresh and new perspective and how to get above and beyond creating images that a thousand people before you have made. 
And that will help your work stand out from the crowd.

We will help you discover your unique view of the world, give you tools to explore any scene deeper, and enable you to create more striking and stimulating pictures. 

Once you find the real answers to why you create pictures, you will begin to make more recognizable work and develop a unique style.

And yes, you ARE creative too. Everybody is!

Utilizing your creativity is a bit like cycling, though: 
It requires some technique to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that hard. And at some point, with sufficient experience, it becomes second nature.


Your instructor

After transitioning to the art nude genre, he published two coffee table books and has been published in 30+ magazines. 

Thomas is a prize-winning artist, having won, among other things, The Nude Photoshoot Awards (solo winner) in 2018 and two gold awards in the Graphis Nude 5 competition, placing alongside Albert Watson, Klaus Kampert, Howard Schatz, etc. 

He's also won 50+ Gold medals and several "blue pins" in various FIAP, PSA, and other saloons. And has surpassed 450 Front Page images on PurplePort. 

Thomas has taught many Artnude workshops in several countries, among others, at the prestigious Palm Springs Photofestival (alongside Greg Gorman, Sandro Miller, Nadav Kander, Duane Michales, etc).
He has created several online classes on art- nude photography, lighting, post-production, and more.


Workshop location: Basford Hurst Cottage

Located in Leek, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Nearest Airport is Manchester (MAN).
Recommended accommodation (about 15-minute drive from the workshop site) not included in the workshop price):  



We'll meet and greet Friday night and get acquainted over drinks and snacks. And if for some reason you can't make it, it's ok, it's mostly a social event.

Saturday, we will have an all-day workshop.
Saturday night (should you feel like it), we'll have dinner together in Leek.
Sunday's all-day workshop concludes at 4:30 p.m.

    The workshop format will combine presentations, various exercises, and group shoots with a 3:1 photographer-to-model ratio. 

    There will be 6-9 participants and 2-3 models.

    After the workshop, Thomas will make an edit of one of the images from the workshop with running commentary, record this on video, and make it available to participants to cover editing most efficiently.


    Models confirmed at the workshop.

    We do, of course, want extraordinary models and have chosen models for the workshop because of their exceptional capabilities and versatility and because they are straightforward to work with.

    1. Wiana Model 
    2. Georgia Brown


    The workshop includes the following:

    • Drinks and snacks Friday evening, March 22nd.
    • Two full-day workshops, including snacks, drinks, and a light lunch, March 23+24.
    • Tuition and presentations, including some handouts.
    • Model releases covering non-commercial use of the images shot.
    • Tax and VAT.

    Provisionally, at an extra cost, it will be possible to book 1:1 sessions with Thomas and/or the Models for the following two days, March 25-26, at Basford Hurst cottage, pending availability.
    Other nearby studios can also be recommended.


    If you have any questions, feel free to enquire at:


    The small print

    Signing up for this workshop is binding, although you are free to switch places with someone else should you want to.

    If the workshop does not have at least five people signed up by the end of February, we reserve the option to cancel (however unlikely that may be, as I have never canceled a workshop).