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Model retouching by Thomas Holm Photo

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This is a complete retouch video course from Thomas Holm Photography on how to retouch model images in Adobe® Photoshop® - available as a digital download. It doesn't matter much which version of Photoshop you use, so whether you use CS6 or CC or even something older the principles all will work for you. I will not guarentee that the actions can be loaded on systems older than CS6 though.

The course consists of 11 instructional movies (and a free bonus clip you can see below) explaining the techniques and basis of why the tecniques I use work from the ground up so anyone can follow. I will recommend you to spend the two hours initially watching these. It will make the real retouching much easier to understand.

It then continues with 3 full length retouch movies a total of about 2,5 hours active retouching on three different images. 

But wait, there is more:
You will also get the original high-res images to work on so you can replicate what you see and thus and learn the techniques properly.

And in addition to this you will get a copy of Thomas Holm's action set, created through sevel years of retouching. These actions will not only help you retouch in a structured way and to do things in the most efficient sequence. It also contains amazing tools for dodging, burning, applying sharpening and noise in a vastly superior way for an ultra sharp and organic look and many other things.

And you will receive a written guide to several functions that will make your retouching life easier in Photoshop.

One heads up: Thomas frequently uses Imagenomic's Portraiture plug-in for smoothing skintones. This plug-in is NOT included in this package. I will recommend that you purchase it if you do any amounts of skin tone retouching (and I have no affiliation with the company).

One of the actions will preset the portraiture plugin to what I believe is the best possible initial settings, something that has taken me many hours figuring out and there is an action for both v2 + v3 of the software

Included in the package:

  1. A set of Thomas Holm's personal retouch actions
  2. Eleven instructional movies. All in managable sizes with info about how the features used for retouch work and how to using them - a total of just under 2 hours. They explain what you need to know and not all kinds of irrelevant stuff
  3.  Three full movies with guided instruction on retouching. It is done live and include thoughts on what should be done and so on. 1.05h + 0.46h duration.
  4. The two high-res developed images used in the retouch instruction above for you to try out the techniques on the same images.

This course covers a lot of both basic and advanced features:
Working with layers, layer masks and alpha channels (it's easier than you think). I encourage working nondestructively on images, so you'll never loose anything if you overdo or do something wrong. Editing images in the most efficient and structured way - and knowing when you are finished. Adjusting images for good contrast with levels, eye droppers and clipping display. Tone and color adjustment with curves and blending models, and easily targeting local contrast with curves. Modifying shapes like waist or face or hair. Non destructive dodge and burn with blending modes to accentuate anatomy, and make the model stand out and make the skin more shiny. The details on how tools like Hue/saturation and curves actually work and thus how you can best use them (see the movie freebee below for an idea of how the format is). How you make the best Black and White conversion for any image, and Thomas Holm's favorite way of doing it. Finishing off with sharpening and adding advanced noise like film grain and your customisable watermark and copyright information. 

And in between there are some awesome tricks you wont see many other places, such as how you can bring detail back into an overexposed image or remove stubble (from a 5'oclock shade or the pubic area) or match facial skintone to body if there is a difference.

The videos don't just show you how to do it, in most cases they also explain what it is that goes on and why that works. This will further elevate your understanding of Photoshop and enable you to grow your abilities further on your own when you practice these techniques.

It is about making elegant realistic retouching of model images (like most of my images are retouched) bringing out the best in every image, with a minimum of fuzz.

You need to invest a minimum of 7-8 hours in this to truly benefit before you start on your own images:

  • About two hours for watching the eleven tool videos, probably more if you rewatch them, and you will.
  • About two and a half hours for watching the full retouching videos
  • At least three hours retouching the images yourself in the way I suggest to understand the method and get the technique under your skin.
  • And then you should spend some hours retouching your own images using the techniques.

What this is NOT: 

It is not a set of presets for Lightroom, Photoshop of your phone. The course will teach you to work on images instead of relying on a random preset which often will not work with your images anyway when lighting or exposure are different from. It is not a 'quick fix'. 

It is not a guide explaining how to work with a lot of tools you do not need to edit model images. There is nothing about frequency separation, the type tool, preparing for web publishing, making animated gifs of whatever.

It is not a guide to Lightroom, although I demonstrate how I develop the demo images into the files you will receive. A more comprehensive guide on developing raw files will com later.

It is not a tutorial on compositing, or freaky effects.

All the videos are available on Vimeo and they can be downloaded so you can save them on your computer for offline usage. But please check if is available in your country before you purchase though!

You can of course use the actions and technique to edit you own images and publish all you want,  But the images I supply, the videos and the action are all copyright protected, and it is NOT allowed to share or publish any of it anywhere. You are specifically NOT allowed to publish the retouched images or videos anywhere without written permission from Thomas Holm. 


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