Las Vegas 2-day Workshop: May 4-5

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Art Nude in the Desert Oasis.
Join ThomasHolmPhoto in a distinctive art-nude photography workshop set against the stunning backdrop of a US desert. This experience is not just about capturing images; it's about deepening your artistic vision and honing your skills in a landscape that inspires awe.
Incremental payment available:
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A Once-in-a-Unique Opportunity
Mark your calendars!

For the first time in five years, Thomas Holm brings his expertise to the US for an exclusive workshop.

This is a rare chance to learn from Thomas in an intimate setting, with the workshop limited to just eight or nine participants, ensuring personalized attention.


This will be high on theory, and we'll cover a lot of the prerequisites necessary to create stunning imagery, such as:

  • Composition to force people to look at your images
  • Lighting a nude body both with natural light (and flash).
  • How to find out what you want to shoot
  • Boosting creativity and creating unique images

We'll end the day by driving someplace on location and shooting until sunset.

Day Two:

This day, it will be early bird time (leave Las Vegas around 4.30 am ):
We will try to arrive at a location around sunrise and work for some hours in two different places, 

After a rewarding morning of photography, we'll gather for a late breakfast or early Lunch. Then, there will be a group discussion, sharing insights and constructive critiques. The workshop wraps up by 3 pm, allowing time for reflection after an immersive start.

The workshop will allow a maximum of 8 people.
Potentially 9, with one additional model on the second day.

Assuming more than six people sign on, two models will be available (names have yet to be determined).

What to Expect:

  • Gain a solid foundation in art-nude photography with a focus on natural light.
  • Enhance your portfolio with extraordinary images guided by Thomas's expert insights.
  • Post-workshop, Thomas will share a video tutorial on selecting and editing the best images, maximizing your learning experience.



Some logistics still need to be solved, and this space will be updated with details as soon as possible. 

  1. Finding the optimum place for the workshop (In progress.)
    It makes sense for you to stay nearby, so I'll announce where it will be as soon as it's settled.
  2. Finding the best models for the workshop (in progress.) 
  3. Working out logistics with getting around (11 people): 
    Instead of everyone having to drive, I'll gladly offer a discount if two participants are interested in driving their own (or rental car) for the location shoots so we can carpool. Please let me know if this could be you. 
    We will likely drive a little on dirt tracks and gravel, but nothing that requires particular skill or AWD; any regular car is fine.

There are two main challenges when shooting nude on location:

  • Other people (in public.) 

  • The sun is high, creating vertical and unflattering light midday.

That means we must be flexible about getting up early and adopt our regular breakfast, Lunch, and dinner routines.

Requirements for the workshop:

  1. You should have a camera that can be set to manual, and bring plenty of memory cards and batteries. 
  2. My usual choice of lenses for full-frame is a 24-70mm zoom, and I occasionally use a 16-35mm (first and tenth images below). 
    I suggest you bring whatever lenses you have in that range, but feel free to try a longer or shorter focal length. 
  3. Bring a backpack with space for the camera, water, snacks, and, if you have one, a water bladder. 
  4. If you want to participate in image critique, feel free to bring a laptop to sort images on.
  5. You should be non-disabled and in reasonable shape: 
    Location shoots might require walking on hills and uneven terrain. 
    The workshop will not be suitable for disabled people, I'm afraid. 
  6. Hiking boots, or at least good sneakers, is advisable on day two.
    I plan on doing short hikes, and some walking in the terrain is required, especially if we opt for a slot canyon. 
    Some of the most exquisite places require slightly longer hikes, but we will only do these if I deem the whole group able.
    And they will be at a leisurely pace.
  7. Bear in mind that the outdoor temperature can reach 100-110F in May in the area.
    Bring a hat (I recommend a wide-brimmed one), sun lotion, water, snacks, or energy bars for the location shoots. I'll also bring water, but you can never have too much fluid in the desert. You want to drink at least 1-1,5 gallons a day to stay hydrated.

Join Us: This workshop is more than a learning opportunity; it's an adventure that blends art, nature, and camaraderie. Reserve your spot in this extraordinary experience and elevate your art-nude photography to new heights.

PS: All showcased images were captured within 60 miles of Las Vegas, illustrating the spectacular scenery awaiting you.

(*) You will receive the payment info shortly after booking.
As per our terms for this workshop, If you fail to meet the payment deadline of April 14th. 2024 Your workshop space may be declared vacant and offered to someone else, and you are neither eligible for a refund nor for participating in the workshop.

In non-legalese, Don't book and pay half unless you know you can pay the other half in early April and can work out how to make an online international bank transfer via Swift/Bic. I don't want the hassle of policing late or missing payments, please.